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You asked, we answered! Neighbors have questions about how to use the new Wi-Fi and we're here to help!

Q: Where IS the Wi-Fi? 
A: The Public Wi-Fi is enabled from 10th Street on Madison through Robeling Point to the NKY Convention Center going North to South. It is also enabled from Greenup to Russell Street going East to West -  basically the Wi-Fi is available in the Renaissance District of Covington. Check out the map below for details! 

Q: Will the Wi-Fi will work when I'm in Mainstrasse or Latonia? 
A: At this point, the Wi-Fi is focused in the Renaissance district only - our mission at Renaissance Covington is focused on a specific geographical area and we're proud we can offer this service in the Central Business District! 

Q: If I live in that area, will the
Wi-Fi work in my home? 

A: The Wi-Fi is a PUBLIC Wi-Fi program.
The Wi-Fi is enabled in the public areas: streets, sidewalks, green spaces. Multiple access points throughout the district ensure that you're connected as you move about the area. The Public Wi-Fi is not enabled in individual homes or private businesses. 

Q: What is the purpose of Free Public Wi-Fi? 
A: Glad you asked! Public Wi-Fi is important to Renaissance Covington's mission as we strive to promote vibrancy and walkability in downtown Covington. We hope the Free Public Wi-Fi will encourage the community to walk the district, relax and enjoy the green spaces, and more easily find their way around, all while staying connected. 

Q: How could the Wi-Fi help me? (other than allowing me to get free internet access!) 
A: Once you're logged in, the Wi-Fi landing page will have information about the District: Shopping, Dining, Attractions - all key local information! You can even opt-in to receive real-time text messages of events happening that moment! (That is an opt-in feature ONLY -  we'll never send you texts without your permission)

Q: Who paid for the Wi-Fi? 
A: The Public Wi-Fi program is funded through grants and private donations from organizations and individuals who believe in the area as much as we do!  

Q: How do I get on the Wi-Fi? 
A: On your Wi-Fi enabled phone or device, you will select "RCOV Free Public Wi-Fi" then you'll be asked to log-in with either your email or Facebook account and answer an intro question (e.g. "what is your zip code") and that's it! 

Q: Do I have to log in every time I'm in the area? 
A: Once you've logged in once, you'll be automatically logged back in - however you sometimes you may be asked to answer another intro question. If you're away from the Wi-Fi for more than 90 days, you'll be asked to log back in, so come back around soon, neighbor!)

Q: What about security? Is my information safe on the network? 
A: Cincinnati Bell and Renaissance Covington offer a secure signup and authentication process. Once you are online using the RCOV login, you should make sure you’re on an SSL-secured site (https://…), or using a VPN to encrypt anything you send – just as you would from your home or work Internet connection.  Avoid accessing websites or services where you provide personal or private information. 

The Wi-Fi extends 300 feet omnidirectionally.

The Wi-Fi extends 300 feet omnidirectionally.

11 Pike Street in downtown Credit Thomas DiBello (1).jpg

Statement about Public Wi-Fi: 
Renaissance Covington and Cincinnati Bell are partnering to launch a public Wi-Fi network in Covington’s Central Business
District that will connect people and provide local business and wayfinding

Renaissance Covington, a 501c3 nonprofit that is working to catalyze positive
change in downtown Covington, secured the funding to build the
fiber-based network through The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank
Foundation, R.C. Durr Foundation, and a generous donation from Rebekah
Gensler and Matt Butler.

“Public Wi-Fi offers a new dimension to our urban core by offering a public
service while also strengthening public spaces. It opens possibilities for
distribution of information and broader community engagement,” said Katie
Meyer, Executive Director of Renaissance Covington.
“We are grateful for our partnership with Cincinnati Bell, and for the generous financial contributions from our
valued partners.”
These Wi-Fi networks are increasingly mission-critical for businesses and municipalities that are focused on
providing value-added services and experiences to their customers and constituents. The portal from which the
Wi-Fi will be served will also be a hub for key location information.
“From housing to historic rehabilitation, and entertainment to new job opportunities, there’s an energetic vibe in
Covington’s urban core that’s growing stronger by the day,” City Manager David Johnston said. “And much of that
transformation is happening because of strategic public-private partnerships like this public Wi-Fi network. We
think it will greatly contribute to the experience of both visitors and downtown workers.”
The project continues Cincinnati Bell’s commitment to providing high-speed, public Wi-Fi networks in high-traffic
areas throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.
“Cincinnati Bell is committed to partnering with civic leaders across the region as we continue our fiber build that
supports high-speed, public Wi-Fi networks and Smart City technologies,” said Jason Praeter, President of
Cincinnati Bell’s Entertainment & Communications business.
“We are grateful to be working with leadership of Renaissance Covington on this important initiative that will
benefit Covington’s businesses and residents.”
Cincinnati Bell’s network will provide Gigabit Fioptics throughout Covington’s Central Business District.
The Public Wi-Fi is enabled from 10th Street on Madison through Robeling Point to the NKY Convention Center going North to South. It is also enabled from Greenup to Russell Street going East to West;  the Wi-Fi is available in the Renaissance District of Covington.
“Access to affordable broadband Internet will play a critical role in bridging the digital divide and further
accelerating economic development efforts in Covington,” said JB Woodruff, Managing Director of UpTech. “The
Renaissance Covington – Cincinnati Bell partnership is a game-changing initiative, and UpTech is proud to support
this project."