Why I #LovetheCov - Jamie Weaver

For over a year now, I have been lucky enough to serve as a board member of Renaissance Covington. Being able to see community leaders with various backgrounds and areas of expertise maintain a common focus on improving Covington, is one of the many reasons I am involved and truly appreciate the impact Renaissance Covington has on our community.

As a commercial lender, it gives me great pride to know that the small business owners and developers I help provide financing for, directly revitalize areas of Covington. Something is special about working on projects in Covington. Covington is blessed to have so many historic properties and unique structures that for so long have gone unappreciated. A lot of work has been done to bring momentum to Covington, allowing more and more projects to be feasible today that were not possible years ago. As one project starts and achieves success, another begins, and we see this momentum continue to gain strength.

It takes organizations like Renaissance Covington to focus on how we maintain the growth and rave reviews of our city. Creative events and programs like the Covington Farmer’s Market, Shop Small Initiatives, Night Bazaar, and Free Public Wifi have brought new people to Covington and I can only think many of the new residents and businesses now Love the Cov because of the foundation Renaissance Covington started years ago.

As a member of the board, I can assure you that Renaissance Covington is gaining momentum too! We look forward to continuing initiatives and finding new ways to have more and more people share their experiences with others. There is truly something for everyone in Covington. Together, we will be able to see Covington become even more vibrant and hear more people Love the Cov!

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Why I #LovetheCov - Sarah Allen


As Pride Month comes to an end, I’m reminded of why Renaissance continues to be an important part of Covington’s civic life—Renaissance supports projects that foster vibrancy. A Main Street/downtown’s success is made up of many parts—strong local businesses, attractive streetscapes, mixed-income residential properties, festivals, public art, etc., and these parts are all integral to making a downtown both livable and a destination. One organization can’t do it all and Covington is fortunate to have many local entities working together for the revitalization of our downtown. I believe that Renaissance has played their part in our downtown’s success by running/supporting events that have introduced many people to downtown Covington for the first time, such as Pride Fest, 199c, the Parklets, etc. They’ve also worked hard towards connecting people through programs such as the Covington Farmer’s Market and the WIFI project. As Covington’s downtown continues to grow and attract both new residents and visitors, let’s keep working towards making it a vibrant place for everybody to enjoy. I believe Renaissance is up for the challenge!

Why I #LovetheCov - Ashley Shewmaker

Hello, from the Board of Renaissance Covington! I’m Ashley Shewmaker, business consultant, and long-time Covington resident! One of my favorite programs is the Covington Farmer’s Market. From the sustainable practices through Zero-Waste-Way to the grants to provide Double Dollars for patrons with SNAP and WIC, I could not be more impressed with the leadership of our market managers, Megan Ayers and Alexa Abner. This year, I stepped into the Famer’s Market Liaison for the Board, and I honored to be a part of envisioning the future of our Farmer’s Market. Come join us every Saturday 9-1 and if you see me around the market, feel free to say hello. I’d love to introduce you to our farmers, talk about local food, or share recipes!

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