Why I #LovetheCov - Sarah Allen


As Pride Month comes to an end, I’m reminded of why Renaissance continues to be an important part of Covington’s civic life—Renaissance supports projects that foster vibrancy. A Main Street/downtown’s success is made up of many parts—strong local businesses, attractive streetscapes, mixed-income residential properties, festivals, public art, etc., and these parts are all integral to making a downtown both livable and a destination. One organization can’t do it all and Covington is fortunate to have many local entities working together for the revitalization of our downtown. I believe that Renaissance has played their part in our downtown’s success by running/supporting events that have introduced many people to downtown Covington for the first time, such as Pride Fest, 199c, the Parklets, etc. They’ve also worked hard towards connecting people through programs such as the Covington Farmer’s Market and the WIFI project. As Covington’s downtown continues to grow and attract both new residents and visitors, let’s keep working towards making it a vibrant place for everybody to enjoy. I believe Renaissance is up for the challenge!