Why I #LovetheCov - Ashley Shewmaker

Hello, from the Board of Renaissance Covington! I’m Ashley Shewmaker, business consultant, and long-time Covington resident! One of my favorite programs is the Covington Farmer’s Market. From the sustainable practices through Zero-Waste-Way to the grants to provide Double Dollars for patrons with SNAP and WIC, I could not be more impressed with the leadership of our market managers, Megan Ayers and Alexa Abner. This year, I stepped into the Famer’s Market Liaison for the Board, and I honored to be a part of envisioning the future of our Farmer’s Market. Come join us every Saturday 9-1 and if you see me around the market, feel free to say hello. I’d love to introduce you to our farmers, talk about local food, or share recipes!

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